Landscaping with Decorative Rock


Landscaping with Rocks

Separating some of the great landscapes from just ordinary ones is the creative use of rock. Rock is an ideal hardscape material that can bring out the beauty of your plants and add definition and a sense of structure to your planted areas. Rock may be rivaled in durability by other hardscape materials, like concrete and brick, but the only rock is an all-natural material that looks like it could be original to the site.

Natural stone is one of the most versatile – eye catching elements available for a landscaping. Natural Rocks add texture and contrast, height, providing  the most durable ground cover that requires little or no maintenance. Inhibits weed growth provides a clean background or forefront in your design.

River rocks add warmth, while Granite or Quartz help brighten up shady areas. Limestone inhibits weed growth looking fresh for many years.

Landscaping with Mulch

Landscaping with Mulch

Mulch is a covering placed around plants (or covering the ground in lieu of plants), mainly to prevent the growth of weeds. But, whether placed around plants or spread out over bare soil, a provides advantages that go beyond weed control, as will be laid out below.

Any material covering the ground and offering any of the advantages discussed in this article can be thought of as a kind of mulch, technically. But, in reality, when people use the term, “mulch,” they normally have certain widely-used, spreadable, natural materials in mind be it natural, a specific eye appealing color or the fragrance of Cedar.

Advantages of Using Mulch:  Besides keeping weed growth down, using mulch can help your yard in a number of ways.Reducing water loss in the soil. Controlling erosion. Regulating soil temperature (keeping it cooler in summer, warmer in winter). Improving the soil. Drawing beneficial worms to the garden. Keeping fruits up off the bare ground, which helps preserve an unspoiled appearance.

Use the material properly. For example, use neither too thick a layer nor too thin a layer of it. A 3-inch layer of  mulch is usually about the right amount to use around plants.Also, try to keep the mulch out at least an inch away from the base of a perennial and  from the trunk of a tree. Mulch that comes into direct contact with the base/trunk of a plant invites such problems as rot and pests.

Landscaping with Boulders

Landscaping with Rip Rap and Boulders

Rip Rap and Boulders create boundaries, add height and texture to flat yards to make your design pop.  Create visually spectacular walls .Add the beauty of natural stone to enhance any landscape design. Plan your flowerbeds and other landscaping features to work with the bold feature.

At Bjorklund we provide Minnesota native stones from our Minnesota pits. Rip Rap weight is lighter dependent on size to  several hundred pounds. Boulders can range from a Fifty pounds to over thousands of pounds each. Always Prepare, plan ahead the ground or landscape area and equipment you will need for placing large boulders prior to delivery.